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Furniture Consulting
& Services

Experts in furniture, acoustics, lighting and green design.

Our Services

Our Services
for dealers, building construction company, architects and engineers

A.F. Agency Furniture is an intermediary between the industry and the furniture market.


- Project assistance.
- Technical-commercial assistance.
- Assistance on legislative regulations.
- Assistance in the management of the construction site.

Building Construction Companies

- Assistance in identifying products indicated in the specifications.
- Technical assistance in the preparation of offers and projects.
- Regulatory assistance.
- Assistance in the management of the construction site.

Architects and engineers

- Assistance in identifying products most suited to the project.
- Assistance in drafting the project.
- Regulatory assistance.
- Assistance in the management of the construction site.

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Our History:

A.F. Agency Furniture was born from an idea of ​​Alessio Moresi and Vivian Turchi. The project envisages the desire to present itself on the market, in the interior design business, not as simple proposers of products but, rather, as consultants capable of providing ideas and solutions, aimed at achieving the best possible result for the project to be carried out. .

This formula immediately finds a strong response of interest from dealers, construction companies and architecture and engineering firms that see in A.F. Agency Furniture a reliable partner for their success.

The over thirty years of activity always in the same field, which the founders can boast, enriched by the experience deriving from having worked for the creation of the interiors of any type of "building", allows them to "bring" and use the knowledge acquired across projects, making innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies available.

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